Application Developers Alliance tackles developer talent gap
March 18, 2016

 In response to the shortage of capable software developers and engineers, a coalition called the Developer Workforce Initiative has formed to address the needs of these professionals and those who hire them. Read More >


The new Developer Workforce Initiative gives software engineers purpose beyond code
March 9, 2016

No two software engineers are alike, but the Applications Developer Alliance is creating a program to encourage more standardization in how engineers are considered. Read More >


Nonprofit Dev Group Launches Workforce Initiative To Support Coders
March 9, 2016

The nonprofit Application Developers Alliance is leading a wide-ranging campaign to increase the size, expertise and understanding of the developer workforce, which it sees as a crucial resource for enterprise success in the digital age. Read More >


Application Developers Alliance and Leaders in Innovation, Digital Infrastructure and Software Development Launch Developer Workforce Initiative
March 8, 2016

Apcera, AT&T,, Ericsson, Facebook, Ford, Google, Intel, and MapR Headline Global Effort to Prepare Developers for Rapidly Shifting Markets and Next Generation Technologies. Read More >


Developer Workforce Initiative looks to empower developers
March 9, 2016

The software developer fills a vital role across all industries, and the Application Developers Alliance wants to make sure developers have the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed. The organization has announced the Developer Workforce Initiative designed to increase the size, expertise and understanding of the workforce. Read More >