Developer Workforce Initiative

A global effort to increase the size, expertise, and understanding
of the software developer workforce


The world’s most innovative companies and organizations are embracing next-generation technologies, tools, and platforms to transform their business models and disrupt traditional marketplaces. To compete in the digital age, companies and organizations will increasingly need to attract and empower talented, creative, and expert software developers. 

The App Developers Alliance’s new Developer Workforce Initiative is a global effort to increase the size, expertise, and understanding of this critical workforce. The Initiative is a first-of-its-kind campaign that will engage, educate, and support the world’s software developers everywhere - across all platforms, technologies, and industries. 

This investment in the world’s digital transformation represents our commitment to meet an increasing demand by corporations and other organizations for developer talent. It also recognizes that adaptation to the digital age spans nations, industries, and competitors, and ultimately benefits everyone.

The Developer Workforce Initiative includes a number of specific plans and programs, including: 

  • Defining and shaping the capabilities of the Industrial Internet
  • Gathering industry leaders and technologists to host events and deliver programming to developers
  • Deploying educational resources and content for developers preparing to enter the development workforce
  • Creating core competencies and set criteria for industrialized application development
  • Matchmaking developers with companies looking for talent
  • Conducting research and providing analysis on the changing needs of the developer workforce
  • Identifying new trends in software development